The Spiritual Hospital

May 18, 2013 § 1 Comment

DoveSome stood with their arms raised, some laid out on the chairs like they were soaking in the sunlight, one painted at the back of the room, one put her forehead to the ground.

“Jesus” “Jesus” I hear in the breath of others.
“Blessing, honor, power, glory.”

They talked about water – how there were rivers flowing throughout the room. The Spirit moved like a river. Two were in agreement saying, “Yes! I felt like I was being moved by water.” And another, “I felt warmth, like candle wax on my side.”

Some, in their mind’s eye, saw beings in armor of light. Blinding light.

This morning before I went to this “spiritual hospital” as they call it, I read a line from Frederick William Faber’s poem “The Eternal Father”:

Lost in Thy greatness, Lord! I live,
As in some gorgeous maze;
The sea of unbegotten light
Blinds me, and yet I gaze.

I prayed without stuttering – without talking myself into feeling guilty about something. I was in agreement with what was going on in that upper room – I too would hope to feel the water, the warmth against and within my flesh, the movement of the Holy Spirit.

One talked about being squeezed through the narrow path and then of a time when that path opened into pasture. She could bask in the glory of the day – I imagine like a flower having been pruned and fed, experiencing the joy of new growth until she is pruned again.

I’ve been praying, asking for something deeper – because “…to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” Romans 8:6

God has answered me in nuggets of precious revelation – reiteration, that is, of what He has already revealed – knowledge that hovers but is useless unless it sinks into my heart.

I’m writing it all down – the quotes, the scripture verses, a word someone speaks, I wait.

I’ve often wondered if God moves these days like we read in the Bible and it occurred to me how much I’ve forgotten since I first believed, like there is a veil over my eyes and though I believe, what I understand is immeasurably less than the vastness of God.

It occurs to me how much importance I place on my own life and its details and how much I operate with a set of tools powered by my own hand, but when I consider, even for a second because it’s all I can muster, the vapor I really am, compared to the grandeur, the power, the eternal, unbeginning, unending, King of kings, I say, “Yes, Lord.”


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