What’s In a Name?

May 16, 2013 § 8 Comments

We spent the day on “the farm” this past weekend. I say, “the farm” because there’s some debate about what we should name it.

Several weeks ago we drove my parents and niece to the 18 acres we purchased in April. We walked all over and snapped some really beautiful photos and as we rested at the peak of the property overlooking another 100 acres, Mom said, “Cedar Ridge.”

I let the words resonate for a moment. Yes! That’s it! Cedar Ridge Acres or maybe Cedar Ridge Farm

But Myke wasn’t crazy about the name and a few days later called me on his lunch break.

“What about The Garden of Eden?”

Again, I let the words resonate. But unlike the immediate surety I felt when I heard Cedar Ridge while staring out over the ridge and the row of cedars…I processed it from a more intellectual standpoint. The property is in a town called Mount Eden…we plan to have a garden…and my beloved husband who is Atheist has recommended such a name despite its Biblical roots.

I love it – but I love the other name too. I recommended that we name our garden, The Garden of Eden, but Myke wasn’t keen on that alone.

I’d love to know your thoughts.

In the meantime, check out some of the photos I took over the weekend. I’ve always hoped that if we had a piece of land with a barn on it, that we’d have barn cats…


Momma kitty was friendly and lives with someone nearby, our neighbor said. She’d been attacked though, her ear had a huge gash in it but you can’t see it from the photos.


She only had two kittens. We wonder if something got any others she may have had when she was attacked.







I thought this old tree stump with its roots all exposed was really beautiful.


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§ 8 Responses to What’s In a Name?

  • lijiun says:

    Hi! May the mother cat be well! Cheers!

  • Uncle J.T. says:

    Tatum: Really enjoyed the pictures and update. I like the name Cedar Ridge Farm. J.T.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like Cedar Ridge Farm as well.:)

  • Hey Tatum! I love the pictures. What do you plan to do with all prime acreage?

    • tatumh2012 says:

      Good morning! God willing, we would like to do SO MANY things. For starters, I want to plant a garden big enough to sustain our vegetable and fruit eating habits! We’d also like to have a few farm animals and perhaps some bees for honey harvesting. But right now, we are struggling just to get the place mowed!

  • Absolutely beautiful and congratulations! I also like Cedar Ridge, but I actually suggest Cedar Ridge alone, without “Acres” or “Farm.” Maybe that’s misleading, but I think it works, and I think calling it “Acres” makes me think of a sort of community home, and I feel that “Cedar Ridge Farm” is almost too wordy.

    At any rate, I did like your idea of Cedar Ridge Farm/Acres with The Garden of Eden the name of your garden. You could even have a little plaque welcoming you there!

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