Chaos vs Order – Survival vs Sacrifice

April 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

chaos and orderAbout a year ago I took an Astronomy class to satisfy one of the science requirements for an Associates degree. I watched The Privileged Planet in hopes that it would help me with my Astronomy test. Myke and I had an interesting conversation to follow – chaos vs order.

Typically, when we get into these discussions, they hinge and spin frustratingly on a single concept or in this case a single word that unless one of us is truly determined to understand the other’s point of view, nothing profitable can come from the conversation.

I realized that Myke understood the word “order” in a far different way than the way I used it in context. By order, I meant that everything has its purpose – there is nothing floating around out there, the planets, the dust, galaxies and stars, not to mention all that we know here on earth, that is in a state of chaos. I just can’t believe it – not philosophically, spiritually, scientifically nor by any other way of thinking. The fact that we can describe anything at all is proof that chaos is a totally inaccurate word by which to understand the universe and all it contains.

Gravity – forms and structures that are comprehensible – there is nothing random and nothing that is not affected by something else. There is order in us, in our earth – things and living things are comprehensible – they have form and purpose down to the atom itself.

Myke wasn’t hearing the word “order” like that – he processed the word to mean “cookie-cutter” – that is, everything is an exact copy of whatever was before it. Order would be the same earth for all planets – the same sun for all the stars, the same direction for all the movement – like a row of townhouses all following after the other or a series of dots, one after the other.

Complexity does not equal chaos. Details known and unknown do not equal randomness. Rather, they glorify the Maker.

What about imperfections? The only way I know to answer this is that sin, a sickness even, entered into the world, thus its effects rippled throughout everything we know, including the universe. The apostle Paul writes about how all creation groans and waits…(Romans 8:22)

Also, it would be interesting to know if what we deem as imperfections very well had a purpose for good before the fall of man, when the earth and all the living creatures began to deteriorate, to die. It took a while for death to settle into our flesh…like a sickness we cannot shake…and into nature, which would explain why people recorded in the Old Testament lived as long as they did – like the glory that faded from Moses face over time after he beheld even the back side of God from the cleft in the rock. (Exodus 34)

But we did not venture too far into that area of this vast conversation in which the whole world has and continues to engage at one time or another.

Our conversation peaked on the topic of survival, the universe and all the matter with in it got too big… I couldn’t deny that everything we do, even our good, even our anonymous deeds as human beings, can likely be traced back to the fundamental survivor nature that no doubt exists in all living things.

“It’s uncomfortable to be hungry, cold, hot…so we do what we have to so that we will be comfortable.”

He added that given the extreme circumstance of hunger or thirst, we will act to survive by extreme measures, forgetting morality and decency all together – I don’t deny this.

But even then, we are moved by something – we are first compelled before we act. Not only that, but if we are nothing more than flesh trying to be fed and quenched and sheltered, why, when we are fed and quenched and sheltered do we strive for more?

crown of thornsWhat I learned after the conversation ended is how much more I believe that no good exists within a human being and that the only undefiled, unnecessary, unmerited good comes from God alone. Only God has made a truly sacrificial gesture towards the world He loves and that is evident because He sustains Himself – He needs nothing. He didn’t have to do any of it, but He humbled Himself and was humiliated, scourged and killed for our sake, so that the gap between us and God could be bridged. He did it because He loved us…that’s it.

By then, Myke was tired of talking about it. Thankfully, neither of us left the conversation frustrated!

Later he asked if I wanted to watch the movie, “Bad Teacher” with Cameron Diaz, a movie I’m sure has ruined her career…but I told him no because it wouldn’t help me survive.

As a final thought, I know that human beings throughout history and today have displayed incredible courage and leadership and sacrifice for the sake of others. I try to think of what I wouldn’t do for Lily in order to see her live a full and blessed life. But what would I do for someone I didn’t love? Someone who has allowed the fullness of sin and death to wield their hand against a child, a woman?

Tell me what you think. There are so many roads that branch off the two words, Chaos and Order. At the conclusion of this entry, I have let my toes wriggle at the start of other roads, but this post is too long already.


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