Offer on 18 Acres Accepted!

April 7, 2013 § 8 Comments

IMG_0361From this moment on and God willing, our transition from suburban to rural living will occur in the following steps over the next 1-2 years:

IMG_03291. Buy an affordable tractor
2. Put up a metal building or pole barn
3. Consider our options for temporary housing on the land until we can build a permanent home or just go all in – get our house on the market and then start building
4. Familiarize ourselves with a book 4allseasons suggested: Encylopedia of Country Living by C Emery.
5. Start thinking about a second child
6. Rack our brains on how we can earn some income from home – me, especially

Goats vs a Cow
Chickens, what kind
Green House

Everything I think of sounds like an adventure I am eager to take, but really, I don’t even know what the land is capable of yielding or the reality of the hard work behind it. I’m trying to relax and take one step at a time.

Myke is one of the most talented people I know. He can do anything he sets his mind too and as I’ve said before, he can often make something better than it was before. He is hard working and efficient – a self taught machinist, successful System’s Engineer – over the past few years, little by little he has built his own Hossfeld Bender from a large, bulky cylinder piece of metal – a portable shower that heats itself, is currently in the process of building a foundry – his veins are made of electrical wiring, his brain a cluster of compartments that never forgets what is is fed into it – a gun enthusiast and collector, a survivalist.

Even for tasks as simple as putting up a baby gate, hanging some curtains or a fixing a hairdryer gone bad – he invests himself entirely.

I am convinced Myke can do anything. But me, I still need to generate some money somehow. Once we move, I will not be nannying for Eva and Annie. I will not have any income of my own, which is important to Myke and on some level it’s important to me too. I wish the pressure wasn’t there, but it is. So I need to figure something out.

Painting for BlogGod willing, I will have a space to paint again – freshly inspired, and maybe someone will like a piece enough to buy it.

I am starving for testimonials – what woman out there has managed to bring home an income while being exactly what you are, a wife and mother? What’s your advice, what have been your challenges? I know it can be done – I know women have done it for thousands of years.

Surely, the woman described in Proverbs 31, my hero, exists today. Please, if your reading this post, tell me about your experiences and thank you to those who have already replied to my post Urban to Rural, What Should We Expect.


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§ 8 Responses to Offer on 18 Acres Accepted!

  • Also look at Ostriches and Alpacas. Both apparently very profitable, but require some degree more care than chickens cows, etc.

  • This is great news! I am happy for you. God blesses.

  • Have you thought about miniature dairy cows? It’s like having heavy goats but they give cows milk and beef instead which is more popular.
    As for income, I think it’s more about reducing the spending than making an income most days. For example, a housewife cooks all the meals, cleans the house, lights the fires, opens the windows, grows the garden… You could try sewing, however. There are all sorts of things one can do with a sewing machine from making dog toys and horse blankets to custom dresses for weddings!

    • tatumh2012 says:

      This is great advice – all in the plans, God willing – especially the part about reducing spending. My husband and I are starting to be more cognizant of our spending – everything we spend now or don’t spend for that matter is about investing in our goal to build a future on the land we are buying. Hope you’ll keep reading!

  • Congratulations on your offer being accepted! How exciting! Since you will now have a nice sized parcel of land, you may want to consider planting a variety of fruit trees that work well with your region so when you move to your place, they will be mature enough to begin producing fruit. If there is a local farmer’s market, you may be able to learn how to can homemade preserves and sell them at a farmer’s market stand. I know we used to have a plum tree when I was growing up that could have supplied the entire neighborhood with fresh plums!

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