A Philisophical Attempt

March 15, 2013 § 3 Comments

thinker“Did you know that evil doesn’t exist?”

“How so?”

“Well, since darkness is the absence of light, it can’t be measured. So evil doesn’t exist.”

“Hmm. What about the acts of people who rape women and abuse children?”

Pause. “Lesser forms of good.”

We sat next to each other with our dinner plates in our lap, watched the muted commercials which followed a segment of our favorite sitcom, both relieved to be home after fighting the traffic from work. Just as casually as the conversation came, it left.

As a Christian, should I take most of what human philosophy says about spirituality with a grain of salt to escape responding to the odd and uncomfortable queries it invokes? I spent the next several days thinking of our brief but strange discourse on good and evil.

The concept of light and darkness in the Bible is based on spiritual light and spiritual darkness. Light is the most understood medium, the most universal truth.

It is my firm belief that all philosophies which determine there is no evil, no absolute truth, no morality are humanity’s continued attempt to be blameless, to escape accountability for our actions; they are dizzying, endless channels leading to depraved minds.

I read where one man made it his mission to understand why people reject God by interviewing people he met in restaurants, coffee houses or where ever and giving them a chance to explain themselves. One person he interviewed simply couldn’t reconcile a God who would cast people into a place like hell to a God who is purely good.

But the glitch in that reasoning, the author explains, is that while there is a desire to live free of judgment, there is still the need to judge some.

Humans, then, determine how much is too much, how bad something must be before it is labeled evil. But God says a little leaven leavens the whole lump; a little sin, even a little one corrupts the whole body. How great an injustice to tell the world that evil does not exist! What then will corrupt man say is acceptable?

To be brash, at least God has the guts to tell us the truth about who we really are & as if that wasn’t enough, He provides a way of escape.


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