An Apple a Day…& CPR

February 27, 2013 § 4 Comments

Yesterday, Lily and I sat across from one another eating apple slices while I cut a few of her receiving blankets into squares.

She gnawed on the hunk of fruit, passing it thoughtfully from hand to hand, scraping the flesh with her two new bottom teeth until a small piece dangled from the skin of the apple.

As I reached to take the fruit away she shoved it into her mouth with a sense of urgency and yanked at the piece she worked so hard to separate from the chunk of apple she’d been given. I watched her for a few seconds and thought she had swallowed it.

I cut a line through the soft, flannel blanket.

I looked up to see her gagging and flashed back in thought to the CPR training I had at The Home of the Innocents.

Immediately, I stuck my finger into her tiny mouth, careful not to lodge it any deeper, and scooped the piece of apple out from the back of her throat.

I stared into her face, gently patting her back as she swallowed down air.

“Are you okay, baby girl?”

Her eyes red and watered, she blinked away tears, bent over, her cheek to the carpet and straightened out into an army crawl towards the squares of fabric I had stacked on the floor.

Note: Thank you Randy Arnold – friend and former co-worker – I know I skipped about three steps of CPR before jamming my finger down my daughter’s throat, but it made me go back to what you taught us so that I’ll have a refreshed skillset if something like that happens again!


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