A New Word

February 22, 2013 § 4 Comments

Staying faithful to my goal of posting at least once a week…

Lily, my 7.5 month old daughter, can say five words now: Da-da-da-da, Ma-ma-ma-ma, Na-na-na-na, Ba-ba-ba-ba and Grrrrr.

One day while I prepared her oatmeal and breastmilk cereal she growled sitting in her pea green Bumpo from the other room – a deep, guttural, slightly breathy sound.

I keep the house quiet throughout the day and Lily does well to fill the silence with all her sweet babbling; she can coo like a dove, chirp like a cardinal and squeal in the octave of high C but growl like a 300 pound bear in its cave wearing a bib that reads “yummy in my tummy”…

This new articulation made me feel a little like how you feel when you turn all the lights out in the basement before rushing up the stairs for fear of having your foot grabbed. Yikes!





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