My First Gray Hair

February 13, 2013 § 2 Comments

I noticed the sparkling silver strand while brushing my hair before a shower. I thought perhaps it was just the light’s reflection but no matter which way I turned my head the strand still shown in single protest against millions of youth deluded locks.

I separated the strand and slid my thumb and forefinger down to the tip and stretched it outright, yanked, held the specimen under my eyes and observed it closely. My first gray hair.

For a moment I recounted my age. Is this normal? And then something happened; I felt proud. I felt like something profound had occurred and I held the evidence between my fingers.

I peered into the mirror as if the future might show up and I would see myself shrouded in peppered grays, cascading from the crown of my head over my shoulders or tied back halfway.

What will I have accomplished by then, how much more will I know?

Youth is a surging breeze we could never grasp with our fist and hold at our discretion.

As a Christian, every body ache, every fine line, every gray hair is a tangible reminder that life is a progression towards the Perfect – at present, I am being broken down more and more, piece by piece, strand by strand until that blessed day where I will be raised up to a glorified body thanks to Jesus Christ.




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