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December 2, 2012 § 6 Comments

So I’ve been thinking about what my focus could be for this blog wrapped inside the broader “new mom” package and then I started reading over the Google news as I usually do each morning at my desk. I saw an article headline that read: Teens Need Contraception Prescriptions in Hand.

Before I address the content of that article, it occurred to me that before Lily was born, I only had to answer for myself. I knew my values and where I stood on many controversial topics but had very little desire to espouse or impose those views on anyone else. They were mine and that was good enough. I don’t like to argue, I don’t naturally possess the gift of persuasion either, and on the rare occasions I do write about a piece of information out there in the world, I close the cover of my journal satisfied to have processed the emotions and the intellectual stimulation by which the information affected me.

The headline dropped like a weight in my stomach. What!? Then, I thought to myself, why am I surprised? This is not new news. Teen sex and why parents should work to prevent or condone it is not a new debate. But now, I have a daughter. I felt for the first time the imposition of non-parental figures. My values, moral belief systems, my own experiences as a teen are finally relevant beyond myself and responding to the culture has become utterly necessary. No more hiding behind church walls or the cover of my journal – for Lily’s sake, I have to know not only where I stand on matters but how to instill those values into Lily.

How does a parent guide their child by certain vales without pushing them in the entirely different direction?

Herein lies a deeper understanding of the Father’s love for me through Jesus Christ and what weI should prepare for with Lily. I don’t imagine a parent can ever fully prepare for all the challenges they will face with their child – I know my mother never expected some of the behaviors my sisters and I had as teens. But speaking first from the perspective of having made lots of bad decisions as a teen and young adult, I am indebted to Love – everyday of my life, I am indebted to Love. So, even though I am a new parent, I feel confident that love – the 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love – is the answer.

Now, to address the headline…

Teens Need Contraception in Hand  – I would be curious to know which one of you reading this blog was emotionally ready to have sex when you were 15, 16 even 17 years old (and for some of us, it was earlier)? What about the emotional readiness of aborting a child (as if there is ever a time in a person’s life when they are emotionally prepared to abort a child) and who’s counsel is better – the folks saying give teen girls a way to flush their bodies with one magic pill and to teen boys, don’t worry about being a dad this early, give this pill to your girlfriend – or the counsel of those speaking from a 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love, especially where it says love does not seek its own? After all, abortion is big business… What message does “Plan B” really communicate, especially to teen girls and young women.

(Before I go on, I want to preface that I have always been hesitant to voice my opinion on an issue as complex as abortion and expounding on that is not the intent of this entry anyway, but it is difficult to not get swept up into the issue.)

My foremost concern is the emotional, physical and spiritual health of my daughter Lily and how our culture will affect her life. My hope is that she will have gained the courage to stand firm in the value God has placed on her life – on every life – and is able to decipher popular opinion from a holy truth.

Really, I’m not so appalled by the idea of contraception as I am by the imposition of professionals in our communities. And not only that, but contraception and a pill that terminates a pregnancy should not be treated equally in my opinion. Finally, it’s one thing if you want to raise up your own children to erase certain decisions with a single pill but to suggest that my future teen needs to have access to such a method is disturbing to me.

I attached the article below in case anyone is interested. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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§ 6 Responses to Article on Contraception

  • Ma-maw says:

    I read the article on “Teen Contraception” and it was shocking to me. Thanks for including it. Where in the world is all of this going to lead! Wake up people–evil is on the prowl and this is proof of how human life is not considered very valuable. The most innocent of all of us are the ones who lose in this one.

  • I prefer an early pill to a late Abortion anyday. But people are taking this out of context. I am NOT saying give every 15 year old these pills like candy. Many people are saying that to discredit it. That is ok, I guess shoving a rod up a 15 year old is a better idea. For every “necessary abortion” I will show you 100 that are done as routine. This pill is not the answer BUT it is a better alternative than some doctor shooting your daughter up with drugs and possibly killing her all because she was too ashamed to get the morning after pill or tell anyone.

    • tatumh2012 says:

      Thanks for the comment, OM. I knew I could never agree with abortion or the morning after pill but it never became a heart issue for me until I had my own daughter less than a year ago. I recall every stage of her development and never once thought of her as anything less than a human being. I can’t agree that there is ever any acceptable reason to abort.

      • Ok, I am not at all for aborting anything. I think we are missing eachother here. My point is how can people be FOR abortion, but think this next day pill is bad? it is the height of hypocrisy to me. I am 100% against aborting anyone! I feel I have made that clear.

      • tatumh2012 says:

        Ohhhhh….I get it now. I didn’t think you were from past posts I’ve read so I was a little confused. Thanks again for reading what I wrote about it!

      • My original post on it had a bunch of sarcasm that was missed by many, which is my fault. Poor writing, sorry for the confusion.

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